Terms and Conditions

Booking a commission is a legal process where the Client requests for an Artist’s work (painting or sculpture) within an agreed medium, color palette, subject, and time frame. In a nutshell, it is a custom painting that allows the Client to own an original artwork created by the Artist. Although it is essential to understand that a client may have specifications, he/she must give a space of freedom for the Artist to execute his art in his branding technique.

Before booking a commission, it is necessary to define the Client’s preferred color palette and size, but it must be within the Artist’s set parameters or services offered. Negotiations are welcomed and should be coordinated with the Artist through a conversation.

Payment Details

Any purchase or commission request must be paid via Paypal. For existing paintings, the Client must pay in the full price listed plus excluding the shipping fee. For art commissions, the Client must give an upfront, non-refundable payment of 50% upon the start of the project. The remaining 50% fee is due upon the completion of the artwork. The shipping fee is indefinite and will depend on the location of the Client.

Commission Duration

The average timeframe for each commission varies in the size of the requested artwork. The average timeframe for a 10×10 inches painting is two weeks, while for artworks with higher dimensions, the average duration is two months, excluding the shipping days. The Artist will determine this once communication has started.

Right of Refusal

The Artist, Sebastian Stoici, intends to create artworks to sell to a Client. If in the circumstances, the artwork is finished, but the Client doesn’t want to purchase it anymore, he or she has the right to refuse to purchase the said artwork. However, the Artist also has the right to retain the rejected artwork along with the non-refundable upfront payment. The Client has no power to claim the said artwork and/or the initially deposited amount for whatever intentions given. It also will not affect the price of the commissioned artwork in any way.

Distribution and Copyright Agreement

The Artist has the common-law copyright to all the artworks he created, commissioned by the Collector. Reproduction and distribution of his artworks without his consent is punishable by Law. A written request must be petitioned and shall be granted written approval by the Artist himself.

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