Art is a Universe

Sebi is not just an artist, but a walking canvas who sees life as his greatest inspirationa world that needs to be expressed in colors and passion. 

Art is something—no, more than something—it is a way of realizing the world, and I want to have the chance of strengthening my ability to see. And with this strengthed vision, I want to help others see the world in new ways through the publication of books on the topic of art theory and through my own pieces.”

 – Sebastian Stoici

Sebi's Masterpiece

Sebi’s painting style revolves around a mixture of Impressionism and fauvist qualities. The bold coloring, expressive strokes, and peculiar poses are what make up a unique style that brands him a modern-day artist with an age-old taste for art.

He also works in a destructive architectural style that exhibits buildings floating in a crumbling statein a dark voidthat represents the depths of the mind. Mostly working in oil paints, watercolor paints, as well as mixed media arts, Sebi truly sees art as a vast universe with a lot of ways to discover.


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